The Products

The Smarty Performance King SA tuning software is well known as the CaTCHER software

Smarty Performance King SA original products were EPROM's and Flash-EPROM's (or "chips") which could be installed in place of the original OEM EPROM's and Flash-EPROM's located in the vehicles on-board control module. These chips, just like the tuners of today, keep the entire vehicle safety and emissions systems intact, but modify the fuel injection settings to deliver dramatic power, torque, and drive-ability improvements.

Also the fuel consumption is one of the most important point of Smarty Performance King SA company research. CaTCHER softwares can be used to reduce fuel consumption up to 25% depending on the driving condition. Saving money and reducing the vehicle emissions.

With the advent of the OBD-II vehicle control module in the early 1990's, most domestic vehicle manufacturers installed under-dash ports ("ALDL ports") which allowed dealers and service techs to "re-flash" the vehicle's control module to change engine settings without replacing any chip
So today, instead of chips, Smarty Performance King SA primarily sells hand-held tuners which achieve the same dramatic drive-train improvements, without the hassle of popping the hood, pulling out the vehicle control and replacing a chip. Installation is quick and easy, taking about 1.5 up to 4.5 minutes, depending on the truck model, and requiring no tools or mechanical skills whatsoever.


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